Hi guys! I’m Dani. I am on a sober journey

Hi guys! I’m Dani. I am on a sober journey that’s been on again/off again over the past 4-5 years & ready to make permanent change. I’m so sick of the cycle of regret & self loathing! Ready to feel good & be proud!! Would love to connect with other sober folks for mutual encouragement & support. 🩷


Hey Dani :wave:t2:

I am praying for you. I highly recommend going to meetings daily, especially early on and relating and identifying with the people in those meetings, and truly and actively listening to their stories. If you go into this open-minded, willing to change, and teachable you can and you will succeed! It sounds like you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, and believe it or not that's exactly where we need to be.

For me, to drink is to die. I understand that I am in the grips of a progressive, fatal illness and it always gets worse, never better! At this point 2 years ago I had completely lost the will to live, and never thought that I'd be able to get myself out of the hole I was in. I now sponsor 7 men, and I'm bringing them through the Big Book. I have an amazing relationship with my family, and my children are actively in my life and I am present for them for the first time in years. I'm not bragging, rather telling you that AA saved my life and that we have a solution. You don't ever have to drink again, and you don't have to live like that anymore! :pray:t2::heart:


It’s a great way of life

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Connecting with other sober folks is best done by attending A.A.

I agree that in person connection is ideal. I’m not presently involved with AA but am in another ‘program’ & working with a coach 1:1. I like connecting with via various platforms & programs and people with various perspectives & experiences

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Good deal. As long as it’s working well and keeping you sober and serine that’s what matters :grin:

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One day at a time time Dani :muscle::pray:

Hello Dani,
I’m in AA, Celebrate Recovery, now continuing my journey in a new 12 step in Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families. What truly helped me was this Podcast CrapyChildhood fairy she was speaking my language. I hope you find hope in this like I have.

Good luck to you. Jump in the sobriety pool with both feet. Half measures avail us nothing!

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I just read your bio and it was so totally honest thank you for your upliftment your strength and your truth.

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One thing i can suggest, based on what I’ve read on your bio. Stay away from romantic relationships & flings within your first year of recovery.
Relationships in early recovery can be a down fall for many, for we get upset if things don’t go our way as we plan. Learn to obtain the tools of recovery, working your steps and finding the problem within.
-Alcohol and drugs are just the symptom.
Make it make sense.

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Hi Dani welcome :pray:

Awesome hun, I just got my year clean and sober

That’s so awesome. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m so proud of you.

Welcome Dani!!! This is the easier softer way. You got this!!!

Dani ,
Please surround yourself with people who are sober! Download AA and NA App and get to a meeting. It gets better and you have your entire sober life ahead of you.


Hi I'm sober and your f***ing hot

Welcome! Glad you're here.

Hi Dani. I have been on the same road for a few years now too. To be honest I’ve been on again off again bc I never really made the decision to be alcohol free until recently. I am several online communities and my family and friends know I have made a change. Its supportive people that make a difference, not the method or medium. Try whatever seems to fit but just know that there are folks out here that want you to succeed also.

Hi Dani. That’s my daughters name. Living a sober life means more to me than anything I can describe. I just wanted to get off the merry go round and stop drinking myself to death every night. I can truly say it was the best decision of my life to reach out my hand for help. I couldn’t do it by myself. The fellowship of AA was where I started my journey. It works if you surrender and find a sponser to help you through the steps. Beyond my wildest dreams. Good luck! One day at a time is all I have. Trust God…Clean house….Help others!

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