Leaning on my Program, my Creator n Sober Fellowship

Yep so some health challenges bring me to surgery Thursday. Don’t like going under but necessary to get this done n over. I’m clean n sober a long time but I’m still human n just a little fear. So leaning on my Higher Power. My Program, my Sponsor n family. Special friends in recovery. Really awesome support system at work.Even my Sponsees.I feel blessed, grateful n don’t feel like my journey is over so gotta surrender my will n my life. Thank you all for my Sobriety. Prayers for us All! Sky B​:sunglasses::rainbow::dove::fire:🦬🪶:eagle::pray:t4::white_heart::woman_in_steamy_room::hibiscus:


I will pray that your surgery goes well and for your recovery!

Thank you so much my Sister! Appreciate the kind words n prayers. Im fasting so Im loving the feeling of lightness n almost like I have wings! Had a great nap n grateful for that too! It’s a great day to be Sober! Wishing all a sweet day of freedom from the slavery of addiction n insanity! Smiling! Sky B​:rainbow::sunny::dizzy::sparkles::fire:

I will pray for you also Sky . Nothing to fear . Had a few major knife appointments myself in the last few years . The surgeons and equipment these days are miraculous. 🪶🪶:eagle::pray::pray:

Hahaha was just talking with my buddy J from Winterpeg n he threw in some Cree perspective.its boiling down to faith, from a Spiritual point of view. On a daily basis I can easily say I turn my will n my Life over yo Creator. But then its now getting more real in your face by the hour. Advancing shadows of hospital rooms, full of cold, sterile, man made shiny metal, sharp blades n tender parts! Lol!
It really does require complete abandon n I’m definitely on the sneakup to taking my place at the Sacred Fire. Sitting down, at that Spiritual Place n surrendering it all into Creator’s hands. Mind, little fluffy body n Spirit, and laying my total trust down at that Fire.I have nothingbwithout my Creator. It’s ALL by His Grace that I even have the will to work my Program every day, n the deep longing to have that close connection that is stronger than my addiction n even my character defects.So making friends with Fear at that fireside.
Holding Fear close like a little child n saying We will be ok. We will be safe,no matter what. I surrender. Aho! Meegwetch for your Prayers my Brother. Much appreciated n honoured. Blessings. Sky B humbled.:fire::eagle:🪶🪶