Loosid Sober Tip of the Day July 10

What is the quality of your sobriety?

In recovery, many people get fixated on the amount of sober time they have and compare it to others. As mentioned in a previous sober tip, the world record for sobriety is 24 hours and nobody has broken it yet!

Much like it’s never about the amount of years in one’s life, but rather the amount of life in one’s years, the same applies to sobriety.

Putting down the drink or the drug only allows us to enter a spiritual journey that we call recovery. Working a spiritual program allows us to be free from all the things that used to hold us back.

We often find people in recovery with only months of ‘sobriety time’ who are happy, joyous and free. Most often, this is because they actively work a spiritual program and, as a result, have what many people call ‘emotional sobriety’.

On the other side, there are many who have decades of ‘sober time’ who are miserable and still stuck in the bondage of self.

Freeing ourselves requires work, but the great news we all have the ability to achieve that freedom.

Find solace in the fact that you can be free any time you want. Choose freedom today. You deserve it.

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With Love, Loosid :pray::heart:


Compare and despair, Identify and thrive :+1::peace_symbol: