Relapse is not part of, nor required for recovery

Once heard a nun in a meeting say we are victims of this disease once. After that we are volunteers.


Relapse is not required for recovery, but it is sometimes part of recovery. Addiction is a disease, and it’s a relapse disease. Meaning, sometimes it happens, for various reasons. Up to 60% or people relapse within the first 6 months, sometimes more and sometimes it’s as high as 80% in the first year. But, not everybody. So I agree, relapse isn’t required for recovery, but it is part of it for many people. And I also disagree with the nun that we are then volunteers, as it is a disease like any other disease, it never just goes away. Keep pushing, sobriety is always possible.


I think what she meant was if we’re truly working a program, we won’t relapse. Most folks I know who’ve relapsed, did it in their heads long before they picked up the drink again. To be clear…I’m not goofing on anyone who relapsed. When I heard this nun, it made me push to maintain my sobriety even more. No matter what. Have a great day Bud.

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Was the nun in recovery? Relapse happened for me once early on and it scared the sh*t out of me. I think to truly understand this disease you have to be suffering from it


Artierock, go to Meetings, get a sponsor, work steps, do service work, Take someone through the steps. This is our guide for living today and is well worth doing. Because afterward life becomes amazing better than you can only imagine. Have an amazing day everyone.


She was. Heard her speaking at an AA meeting

Been doing just that for over 35 years brother. Have a great one.

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Nuns are human too! :hugs:
I know the priests at the Catholic school I taught sure liked their wine

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Hey if I was a woman that threw all my eggs in the nun basket too, I would probably have a very simplistic and rigid view of recovery as well.

P.S. Danny DeVito was the best penguin.

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I can see both sides of the coin. In one hand you don’t want to look at a relapse as a crutch because it’s part of recovery but on the other hand we don’t want to make it seem like the doors are closed if you relapse


Doors are ALWAYS open. Only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking


I agree. Relapse is absolutely NOT part of recovery. It can, however, be part of anyone's STORY, though. I'm a one hit wonder (thus far). 5 years and counting, AND holding onto my program and my sober life like there's no tomorrow. I don't believe I have another recovery in me. To drink for me would be to die. But that's my story. We're all entitled to our own stories and opinions. Much love to everyone. We're not alone anymore.


Correct. It can be a part of someone’s story but it doesn’t have to be part of recovery.

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:100: agree

Haha, that’s telling him. Troy writes the same thing everywhere so he can get paid. It’s not genuine coming from that guy unfortunately. Sincerely long time Artierock reader, first time commenting.

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He’s getting paid? :rofl::joy::laughing:


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That little green check means he works for the site, I tried to block him but yet he’s still visible to me. He’s everywhere and I don’t care for his information, very generic like he’s reading it out of a script. It’s obvious he’s not paying attention also since your tracker reads 35 plus years and he’s telling you to go to meetings and to get a sponsor. :joy:

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Thanks Bud. Learn something new every day. Little green check….Huh! Lol